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Hardware in the loop Simulation

Hardware in the loop

In a Model-Based Design approach the control system is synthesized within a simulation environment prior to integrating the controller in the actual system.

The first step in this method is the preliminary controller design in a simulation model. Conventionally, after the preliminary controller design, the control system is integrated directly on the actual system for debugging and optimization. This method is nowadays applied in many different industries.

Jeroen Ligthart - Simulation and Control Expert

Jeroen Ligthart

Lead Engineer Simulation

‘’Using Hardware in the loop simulations can reduce lead time of a project and improve the first time right application of a controller.’

Applying hardware in the loop

Sometimes an additional step is included within the design process, called Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation.

HIL simulation testing is applied just after the control system hardware has been build; prior to integration in the system, the actual controller is tested by connecting it to a computer simulation of the mechanical system (the 'plant'). HIL simulation can offer benefits over conventional test procedures:

  • The lead time of a project can reduce since the controller design can start before the mechanical system is built.
  • During commissioning, time can be saved since the first debugging step of the controller is already performed.
  • In HIL simulation there is no risk of damage to the mechanical system, which could arise from controller instabilities or bugs.

Controller Development

At HVR Engineering we have extensive experience with the development of control systems via simulation models for deck equipment of cable lay - and rock dumping vessels, and other dynamically controlled systems and equipment.

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What we can do for you

We can assist you with the development of your controller by using a MIL, SIL, or HIL approach.

Using simulation models as a basis for your system and controller development can speed up the process of development, but also reduce the downtime when the system is started up for the first time. We have experience with Model in the Loop, Software in the Loop and Hardware in the Loop development.

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