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Computer simulations are a very powerful tool to study phenomena in systems, and it’s a tool that we have used at HVR Engineering for more than 30 years.

In the field of engineering, many types of computer simulations are performed. Generally the reason to employ simulations is to study phenomena in systems where measurement data are sparse, either because the system is yet to be build, or because measurement data is unavailable.

Some of our skills

  • Dynamic simulations
  • Multibody simulations up to 6DOF for each body
  • Motion Controlled / Motion compensated
  • Impact simulations (e.g. piling hammer impact / ship impact)
  • Hydraulic & Electrical System simulation
  • Drive & Control simulations
  • Pyrotechnic simulations
Multibody Simulation model development on IHC Hydrohammer

Explaining behavior

With our simulations we can explain behavior of constructions and systems in the offshore, infrastructure and transportation, and optimize the designs.

Matlab and Simulink

There are numerous computer software packages to choose from when performing simulations. Each has its own strengths in solving different equations.

At HVR Engineering we work with Matlab and Simulink, which gives us with all the tools to solve the complex dynamic challenges we work on every day. Matlab and Simulink has the following benefits for us:

  • There is a high degree of freedom for the development of simulation models; there are numerous predefined blocks, but also any equations can be embedded with function blocks.
  • The program can handle large and complex systems with many interlinked differential equations.
  • Continuous-time systems (e.g., the plant) and discrete-time systems (e.g., the controller) can be interconnected in the models.
  • The simulation output can be analyzed with all the tools available within the Matlab environment

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