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HVR Engineering

HVR Engineering is a highly specialised engineering company with a focus on dynamic behavioral analysis and optimization of designs for mechanical constructions and drive & control systems.

The years of experience we have with the design and analysis of new components and systems makes HVR Engineering the ideal partner for developing solutions to any mechanisation and drive system challenge.

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Unique skills

We offer measurements, simulations, FEM, strength and fatigue calculations, and knowledge of drive & control systems.

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Over the years we have developed a broad skill set of services and have had the opportunity to apply this in many different markets.






What we do

The focus in our team has always been on the development and optimization of mechanical constructions and drive systems. We have specialized in simulation analysis using Finite Element Techniques and Matlab/Simulink, and often combine these with measurements of the systems in operation. By combining these services and our experience we can provide our customers with detailed advice on how to improve systems.

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Our approach

We always approach projects from a combination of fundamentally scientific knowledge with a down-to-earth approach of the problems at hands. This guarantees a thorough investigation of all the fundamentally possible ways to solve a problem, leading to a fast selection of only a few solutions which offer the highest chance of success and which are all practicably applicable.

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How we started

The company was founded in 1984 by John Hessels and Jan van Rooij.

After graduating from the Eindhoven University of Technology, John and Jan started their careers as independent freelancers. When they were both asked to participate on a project, they decided to join forces and start an engineering company.

The company’s first assignment came in the same year, when John and Jan designed the largest (at the time) vibratory block in The Netherlands for Fundex. After this maiden project, many others followed such as the Condition Based Monitoring system insalled at the hydraulic system in the Maeslantkering (water flood defence) and the development of the world's largest hammer together with IHC IQIP.

Our Team

The team of HVR Engineering now is a group of 10 motivated and experienced engineers who work closely together and combine expertise on projects.

Both Jan and John are still working in the company and have spend the last years supporting the team of talented Engineers that joined HVR Engineering. With the combination of experience and highly skilled new generation Engineers we are ready to take up any challenge for many more years to come.

Working at HVR Engineering

Are you an engineer that is looking to to push the boundaries and solve complex dynamic challenges? Then have a look at the exciting vacancies we have and join our team today.

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