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From Fossil to Renewables

We have been active in the offshore industry since the early 1990’s, initially for Oil & Gas projects, which were soon followed by the first Renewable Offshore Wind projects in 1994.

We were there at the beginning when the first Offshore Wind Farm in The Netherlands was built. We were acting as the lead designer for the foundations, transition pieces and towers. Our experience gained in the offshore industry since has allows us to assist customers with development of new technologies, machines, vessels and systems to cope with the continuous demand for better performance and higher efficiency.

Offshore Renewables Motion Control installation monopiles

All about dynamics

The developments in the offshore industry increasingly asks solutions to complex dynamic challenges.

Offshore Wind

The offshore wind industry has been developing at a blistering pace. Wind turbines continuously increasing in size and all the equipment needed for installing these projects evolves at the same rate.

At HVR Engineering we have had an active role in the development of one of the world’s leading Hydraulic Piling Hammers used to drive foundations for offshore platforms and wind turbine. We supported customers to optimize deck equipment of the most innovative vessels, and we are regularly assisting with foundation pile optimization for the world’s largest wind turbines.

Motion Control Systems

The offshore market by nature is subject to a dynamic forces. Meaning that all vessels and the systems also have to cope with this dynamic environment.

We worked on some of the most challenging projects in this market where motion control and motion compensated systems were developed to install or remove foundations, structures, rocks and cables. We can offer the following skills:

Pile Drivability

We have developed models to analyse the effects of pile driving impact on (mono)piles and used this to optimize designs of the piles and the flanges.

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