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Roller Coasters

The excitement that Roller Coasters bring, has been more than the thrill of the ride for us. We have had the opportunity to contribute to the development of Europe’s Roller Coasters.

We have performed measurements and Finite Element Analysis on Roller Coasters to determine the forces excited by the roller coaster carts on the track, it’s wheels, and the stresses of the track and struts itself. We have applied this on Roller Coasters in amusement parks such as The Efteling, Euro Disney and Walibi.

Articles from Engineering Experts on Dynamic Analaysis

Sensor installation

Applying sensors on fixed or moving structures, constructions and machines to get insights in the vibrations and displacements, is a precise task that we have vast experience with.

Learning system behavior

Gaining insights in the behavior of a structure requires the installation of sensors in the most sensitive areas that give the most accurate results on the condition and behavior of structure or machine.

Only when sensors are installed correctly, the most complex, but also rewarding phase starts, and that is interpretation of the data and advice on the behavior and optimization of construction. This is where our experience with measurements on many different and diverse projects helps us to understand the results.

More Measurement

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