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Drive & Control

Drive & Control

Knowledge of drive & control systems sits at the core of what we do, and we have supported customers in the offshore and onshore markets in this field.

We combine knowledge of mechanical engineering, advanced control techniques, prototyping and measuring services (mechatronics plus). This combination gives us the ability to feed back findings in one area to optimize models in another with a better and more complete analysis as a result.

Some of our skills

  • Analysis of dynamic power systems and transmissions
  • Analysis of systems under heavy loading conditions
  • Simulations of integrated dynamic systems
  • Conceptual studies (rough overall analysis)
  • Detailed development, design, and optimization of drive and control systems
Drive and Control Simulation and FEM


Analysis of drive & control systems for us starts with a fundamentally scientific but down-to-earth approach of the problems at hand.

Our approach

Taking a down-to-earth and pragmatic approach guarantees a thorough investigation of all the fundamentally possible ways to solve a problem.

We believe this approach leads to a fast selection of only a few solutions which offer the highest chance of success and which are all practicably applicable. Those few remaining options are investigated in detail with well-established techniques developed by long years of practice in the development of hydraulic power drive systems.

Dynamic control

The trend in our markets, especially the offshore, is that being in control in a dynamic environment is increasingly important for successful execution of projects.


Development of control systems

We have the ability of in house prototype development, verification, optimization and tuning of control systems before implementation, which will reduce the start-up time of a novel system significantly.

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