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Dynamics in motion

Transport for us depicts what excites us: motion! We have worked in the automobile and the rail industries on many exciting projects since we started in this business.

In our early days we already applied strength and fatigue analysis by using advanced Finite Element techniques to support to development of automotive vehicles. On the same vehicles we also applied measurements to predict the lifetime of structural components.

More recently we have been involved with the development of train brakes for high-speed trains. By using FEM we were able to optimize the design of brake discs under high dynamic loading.

Train brakes FE Analysis Dynamic Loading

Continuous development

The continuous drive for optimization and development in the transportation industry also means that complex and challenging questions are always there to solve.

Dynamic Analysis

The transportation industry sits very close to our core business, which is analysis of dynamic behavior.

The experience that we have built up in the transportation, and then specifically the analysis of vehicles, brake systems and the development of drive systems, has helped us understand the behavior of other constructions and systems in the different industries.

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Dynamic, Fatigue or Strength challenges?
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