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Measurement has been one our core services for many years and we use it to create a complete understanding of the behavior of a system - often in combination with FEM and Simulation.

In the early 1990's we developed our own measurement system. Evolution over the years has brought us now to the fourth generation which gives us more flexibility and accuracy than any commercial system available in the market today.

Some of our skills

  • Static and Dynamic Measurements
  • Condition Based Monitoring
  • Control development
  • Advice and optimization of behavior based on data
  • Combining Measurements with Simulation and FEM
HVR Measurement System

System Control

Our measurement system not only delivers on complex measurement projects, it can also be used as a real time control system.

HVR Measurement System

Our own measurement system gives us complete control over the data acquisition method.

We can extend the system easily with new types of sensors (analog, digital, serial). The setup of the system is easy and requires limited time. Some features are:

  • Sample frequencies can vary from 20 mHz to 100 kHz.
  • Compatible with pressure, flow, force, torque, position, speed, acceleration, noise, strain, temperature sensors, electrical current and voltage.
  • Measure up to 40 channels with one system.
  • Control of systems by using real time measurement results
  • Analyses of measurement results can include time history plots, FFT and PSD analysis, Rainflow count, fatigue calculations, etc.

These are our measurement projects

Controller Development

The system offers high controllability, which is extremely useful in prototype phasing, and has been used for development of piling hammer controllers, and the control of several test stands.


We work with various partners in the industry with long track records. Together we can offer solutions for the most challenging measurement campaigns.

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