Structural design & verification

With our structural, design and verification services, we support our customers from an early stage of the development process with various calculations and analyses. HVR Engineering has extensive experience in several areas, including calculating the behaviour of static, non-linear and dynamic constructions. We are also able to analyse resonance calculations, impact or crash issues, plasticity and constructions in which clearance and friction are of great importance. To get the best results and calculations, we use the ANSYS software package.

At HVR Engineering, we not only look at the initial challenge, but we take a broad overview to find the most suitable solution for your project. This means that we perform the requested calculations, as well as utilise our expert advice and guidance regarding the expected outcome for the total project. We continually strive to assess the underlying causes of an issue in order to get the best results.


With our Finite Element Analyses (FEA), we are able to advise you throughout the full development process of your project. We will find the most efficient and cost-effective way to work with your design by investigating the lifetime of the product and/or construction, including the required operational load.

We have many years of experience with FEA and have provided a large number of customers across different sectors with our advice and analyses, including:
• design validation and optimisation of hammers
• ship impact calculations for offshore wind turbines
• monopile foundation design for offshore wind turbines
• validation calculations and fatigue lifetime calculations
• calculations for train brakes
• calculations for buses.


HVR Engineering is able to provide you with fatigue lifetime calculations, which are based on FEA. The fatigue lifetime calculation indicates the lifetime of the product or construction and helps to schedule maintenance. In this way, you won’t have any problems during your project. The fatigue lifetime calculations can be performed at the end of the product development process or after operational usage. A combination of fatigue lifetime calculations and practical measurements provides a clear overview of the fatigue, lifetime and required maintenance intervals.


At HVR Engineering, we have extensive experience in the interpretation of certification rules and regulations that are needed for the certification of your design or construction. We can provide you with the correct technical documents that meet the requirements of a certifying body such as DNV-GL or Lloyd’s Register. With our verification service, we strive to simplify the process for our customers and support you with this time-consuming task.

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