Drive & control systems

At HVR Engineering, we have many years of practical experience with simulating the dynamic behaviour of hydraulic-mechanic constructions. With our multidisciplinary systems, we are able to simulate the behaviour and improve the construction in order to increase the performance of your product. In this way, we ensure that your construction will meet the necessary requirements and behave appropriately. We can also advise you on the most suitable equipment or components for your project.

During the simulations, we identify the potential risks of the construction and are able to check the construction for the required functionality. After the simulations, you will receive all of our conclusions and an indication of the most suitable solution to mitigate the risks of your construction. We can also provide proof for the eventual certification in our documentation.

HVR Engineering has experience with the following simulations:

• hydraulic power transmissions, both at component and system level
• floating constructions in random waves
• multibody systems
• pyro technology
• control systems.


Alongside our ability to simulate the dynamic behaviour of constructions, we also provide our customers with commissioning services. At HVR Engineering, we know how important this stage is for your project, which is why we want to support – and cooperate with – you in order to find the most suitable, safe and effective commissioning method.

HVR Engineering has extensive experience with commissioning and is able to oversee the total development process, which also includes putting the solution into practice. We have experience in: deck equipment, commissioning of hydraulic constructions and optimisation of deck layouts.

Our Drive & Control system services have been used for simulations, technical optimisations, concept studies, failure analyses, and analyses for heavy maintenance. Do you want to know more about this service? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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