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HVR Engineering offers independent advisory services by combining fundamental power transmission knowledge with structural engineering expertise and measuring services. At HVR Engineering, we thoroughly investigate your engineering challenges to find the most suitable approach and solution for your project or equipment.

By being involved at an early stage in your development process, we can prevent potential design errors and reduce the associated costs. This removes issues during the development or execution of the project. We are also able to provide technical services during every step of your engineering project, from conceptual design through to commissioning.

With over 30 years of experience, we have the ability to familiarise ourselves with the challenge at hand quickly, get an overview of your project and oversee the possible consequences of the solutions.

At HVR Engineering, we offer the following consultancy services:

Structural design & verification
We perform Finite Element Analyses (FEA) and fatigue lifetime calculations on linear, non-linear, static and dynamic constructions. This supports you during the certification process for your project or equipment.

Drive & control systems
HVR Engineering is widely experienced in simulating the dynamic behaviour of hydraulic-mechanical constructions, conceptual designs and commissioning.

Measurement & control
We have developed our own (widely applicable) measuring system that can be used at our laboratory or on location. With this system, it is possible to develop control systems that increase workability and ensure a better performance.

You can use these services separately or in combination as one advisory package. In addition, we can help you with other engineering challenges such as troubleshooting and concept analyses, as well as providing expert input during lawsuits.



We believe in an independent, pragmatic, easy and down-to-earth approach, and are able to quickly  familiarise ourselves with – and get an overview of – the challenge at hand. In this way, we can assess the possible consequences of the most suitable solutions. We support our customers with their challenging projects and aim to become part of their technical core business to enhance their conceptual development and design process.

At HVR Engineering, we understand the fundamentals behind the behaviour of hydromechanical systems and are able to translate this knowledge into practical solutions. In order to maximise the added value for our customers, we try to be involved as early as possible to maximise our influence and reduce costs.

By combining fundamental knowledge with practical solutions, and senior experience with younger talent, we ensure you that we will find the most suitable solution for your project. Are you interested in learning more about our advisory services? If so, do not hesitate to contact us.

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